“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.”

Aaron Swartz

Information is everywhere.

Any information of value is hard to pick out.

Dead-eyed talking heads dominate the narrative, spewing tall tales and hearsay and absolute lies.

    Social media platforms are rife with disinformation and propaganda aimed at keeping users in harshly-segregated information bubbles. Pledging allegiance to either side of the aisle immediately dooms Facebook users to a frenzy of hyper-partisan falsehoods every time they visit the platform.

    Facebook users are nothing more than foot soldiers for anyone in the world with enough money to astroturf the patform with propaganda. The information those people consume is strictly-curated by humans with malicious intent.

We Can Fix This

Run Your Own Social Media Platforms

    Stop using monolithic services for all your online activity. It isn't expensive for a group of people to pitch in for a cloud server (or one in your buddy's basement) that can host your own private phone system, social media site, secure chat platform, secure email, and private news aggregator.

    By owning your own infrastructure, you can eliminate the possibility of someone else profiting from your online activity and behavior. You lock out bad actors who seek to lie to you or hijack your discourse. You can be certain that what you share with your trusted friends and family stays in the circle.

    If you wish to integrate advertising, you have the choice to do so. You can make sure that only locally-present businesses that are part of your community may advertise so that large corporations from far off locations cannot push your local shops out of view from your community.